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We’ve added pages (at left) where you can read some of what we’ve written for the permaculture course.

We are taking a permaculture course!

We are taking an online permaculture course from Australia!!  Here is the link: Check out our page about permaculture (link is to the left of this page)

Snow AGAIN… with fowls

OK, this will be the last of the snow pictures this winter!! Any more will have to wait until next winter!!! This is the super snow-blowing machine that we finally had to hire after 3 other trucks got… Read More

Potatoes from snow

Here is Mike’s chronicle of retrieving potatoes from snow.  They were originally planted in the large garden, but in the fall he dug them up and buried them 3 to 4 inches deep next to the porch. He… Read More

Snow, worms, potting soil, power outtage

Lots more snow today!  We have maybe 3 feet.  Also, we woke up this morning to no power…so, first thing, Mike made a fire and brought in some snow to melt on the woodstove to make coffee…after all,… Read More

Megasnow II

Here are two pictures from today…one outside with the deer crossing the yard, and the other inside with a steamed applesauce cake made on top of the woodstove!  (I googled “steamed” and “applesauce” to get the recipe which… Read More

Worms, Part Two

Worms need bedding…usually we use strips of newspaper, but in this case we had some shredded paper packing material from a Christmas gift of Vermont cheese.  Kitchen scraps are saved in an open bucket by the sink (I… Read More